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About Us

Who We Are

Macdave Auto Products Limited was incorporated in Nigeria in year 2015. The company's business concern spans through China and European countries like Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and Holland. Some of our products from china are Auto Shine Paint and Materials (Base & Cryl) all colors, Auto Shine clear coat, Hardner, Slow Thinner, Putty,Primers, Mat Black and other ancillary products under auto Shine. We also have Autoshine Nitrocellulose Thinner from Italy.

We are also the sole importers of Roberlo Dicrom Automobile Paint system with computerized mixing system. Other products under Roberlominclude Roberlo HS Clear Coat, Hardner, Slow Thinner, Rapid Fast Hardner, Standard Hardner both HS, Putty, Body filler, Light weight in 5 Kit ie 0.85 US gallon (ilver light, Maxifill, GTI light weight, and Plus 24 for Heavy weight body filler in 4kg, 2k primer...multiplier express, 1k primer, Basecoat thinner, Acrylic thinner).

Other materials under Roberlo includes Tac cloth, Robing compound, Wax, Spray guns, Antirust, masking tape, etc.

Macdave Color Center in Lagos, Nigeria

Olisa at Roberlo Color Testing Lab in Spain